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A busy Cisco EIR booth at TiEcon 2014.

Cisco EIR & several of our entrepreneurs were on hand at TiEcon 2014 on May 16-17 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. TiEcon definitely lives up to its reputation as one of the largest conferences dedicated to entrepreneurship in the world. The spirit of innovation was something you could feel in the air throughout the two days.

TiEcon 2014, the 21st edition of the conference, was an excellent opportunity for us to talk to TiE entrepreneurs about our program. The Cisco EIR booth was bustling both days with visitors eager to ask questions about Cisco EIR & learn how to apply for our next cohort.

We talked to a steady stream of talented & ambitious entrepreneurs involved with exciting startup ventures. Who knows, maybe you will see some of them pop up in our future cohorts – we certainly think that several companies we spoke with would be a great fit! Here is a link to our application page for anyone we talked to at the show interested in applying.

We were thrilled to have a few of our current entrepreneurs on hand to talk about their companies as well as their experiences in Cisco EIR.


Dhiraj Sharan & Larry Lunetta, cofounders of PetaSecure.

Amit Lubovsky (center), cofounder/VP of Marketing & BD of Crowdx.

Amit Lubovsky (center), cofounder/VP of Marketing & BD of Crowdx.



Martijn Kolenbrander (left), CMO of SecureWaters & Gopal Kamath (right) of Cisco EIR.

Eugene Mazo (left) & Dennis Khvostionov (right), cofounders of DGLogik.

Eugene Mazo (left) & Dennis Khvostiono (right), cofounders of DGLogik.

Both days were also jam-packed with great conference sessions covering IoT, big data, cloud infrastructure, healthcare, energy, entrepreneurship & more. This lineup of high-quality sessions on leading-edge topics made TiEcon the place to be for anyone interested in innovation. The event certainly made us proud to be an annual sponsor of TiE Silicon Valley.

The Cisco EIR team had a great time at TiEcon 2014 – we appreciated the opportunity to participate in the conference. See you next year!

Check out our photos from TiEcon 2014 on Facebook here.




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