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Managing security policy in complex networks can be a complicated and arduous task. A single modification can lead to a chain of unintended changes resulting in the compromise of network quality and security.

Intelliment Security is devoted to revolutionizing how security policies are managed in both physical and virtual networks. We had a quick talk with co-founders Sergio Pozo, CEO, and Eduardo Fernandez, CTO of Intelliment to see how their technology provides a management process that is automated, centralized and reliable.

What do you hope to accomplish during  your time in the Cisco EIR program?

Sergio: We would like to explore joint commercial activities with Cisco and take advantage of the integrations we’ve built with Cisco firewalls and SDN controllers. We expect to do some joint pilots with high-end enterprise customers and to be able to open up more collaboration possibilities in the short term.

When was Intelliment founded? Why and by whom?

Sergio: Intelliment was founded and incorporated in 2013 by Eduardo and I after several years of R&D and prototype building at the University of Seville (in Spain). We were looking for ways to improve how firewall ACLs were managed in order to enhance operational agility and decrease human error.

What makes your technology unique?

Eduardo: Intelliment Security offers a software-defined abstract and intelligent control plane where security policy changes are automatically orchestrated and deployed to the network. The control plane can be independently used in a vendor, technology and network topology through both programmable and visual interfaces. This provides companies with an easy and fast change management process where quality and security problems are prevented.

How did you get started as an entrepreneur?

Sergio: I started as an entrepreneur in my early 20’s when I founded a computer hardware shop. I then attended the University of Sevilla (in Spain) and worked on something I can build into a company in the future.

Eduardo: I was seduced by the possibility of creating a technology that can change market dynamics.

What books would you recommend everyone on your team to read?

Sergio: I would recommend The Fundraising Field GuideIt helps to learn startup dynamics from a financing perspective. Other books I would recommend are The Four Steps to the Epiphan and The Startup Game.

Any advice for young entrepreneurs?

Eduardo: I’d advise young entrepreneurs to get information on their target field, find a good co-founder (or two!), network in a startup hub (Silicon Valley, London, etc.) and join a good seed or pre-seed accelerator like Seedcamp.

Interested in finding out more about Intelliment? 

Visit Intelliment Security

Twitter: @intellimentsec

LinkedIn: Intelliment Security


Interview done by Julia Eschelbeck, Program Manager for Cisco EIR Vienna.

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