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Photographed by Andreas  Schwarz.

Photographed by Andreas Schwarz.

“Location, location, location” is a classic mantra that comes to mind when buying property. Though I’m not a real estate power player, one thing I am fairly versed in is the Internet of Things (IoT), the billions of connected “things” within it and the enormous amount of data each is capable of producing.

In light of this, many might say our industry mantra could be “data, data, data.” I would argue that mantra should be “collaboration, collaboration, collaboration,” as we better understand how effectively capturing, storing and analyzing data generated by those connected things can lead to better business decision making.

Here’s why:

In my role, I have front-row, hands-on experience watching and helping our customers use data and analytics to solve business challenges. And as a mentor with the Cisco Entrepreneurs in Residence (Cisco EIR) program, I’m lucky enough to collaborate with startups bringing innovative new solutions to the table. With this program, selected startup leaders and teams are provided resources enabling them to turn their IoT, enterprise mobility- and security-based ideas into reality. It brings together collective thinkers in an effort to address collective challenges.

The IoT is an area in which there is an impressive amount of industry collaboration among customers and vendors. Realistically, there isn’t one vendor who can address all IoT challenges with one solution. This is exactly why programs like Cisco EIR are so valuable.

I’m impressed and inspired to see not only new products and services become reality, but to also think toward the future and how they will impact our customers and their businesses. It’s especially exciting to see those that are part of industries that are still discovering new digitally based opportunities.

Take Aircloak, for example. This Cisco EIR program alum uses “anonymized analytics” to provide access to sensitive data, giving third-party analysts access to various data insights without risking individual or institutional privacy. This exchange of data opens up new opportunities for using data and increasing business intelligence, while mitigating security compliance risks, regardless of industry. For businesses like malls and airports that are invested in understanding where their customers gather, live or work, Aircloak insights can help them improve service offerings or target specific demographics with relevant content or advertising. To name another example, Aircloak can also be used to enable compliant and safe yet explorative work with live healthcare databases. This opens them up for third parties like researchers and insurance companies, but prevents misuse of individuals’ data.

Another alum, Sensewaves has found success in focusing on analytics for IoT, making connected things “smarter” by transforming raw data into useful information through their web service. Sensewaves has been able to provide clients real-time insights, resulting in smarter use of water resources with better service and predictive maintenance measures on expensive equipment in a client’s “smart” building.

ParStream is another standout Cisco EIR alum and very dear to my heart. Cisco acquired ParStream in November 2015 and the team sits within my group at Cisco, the Data and Analytics Group. ParStream’s technology is deeply rooted in IoT and its capabilities are perfect for IoT analytics environments. Their ability to analyze billions of records with lightning-fast speed means customers can put solutions in place faster and get maximum value from their applications.

There is no shortage of progress that can be made when IoT-device driven data is used in intelligent ways to make decisions and garner positive outcomes. And to me, the heart and purpose of innovation lies in our ability to see process in a different light and figure out ways to use them to our best advantages.

Learn more about Cisco’s Entrepreneurs in Residence Program and let me know how you’ve seen the smart use of data revolutionize a business outcome.

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As Vice President and General Manager for Cisco’s Data & Analytics Group, Mike Flannagan is responsible for the company’s data and analytics strategy, and leads multiple software business units. Mike is also a mentor for the Cisco Entrepreneurs in Residence program.
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