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We were thrilled to reveal the five startups selected to join Cisco EIR Europe at the 2015 Pioneers Festival. Congratulations to Aircloak (Germany),  Intelliment Security (Spain),  CoroNet (Israel) , Sensewaves (France), and Wittos (UK) .

About the Five Winning Teams:

  • Aircloak ( : Aircloak Analytics is the first system to combine high accuracy analytics with strong anonymity. It brings together a unique blend of advanced technology along with unprecedented transparency and oversight. Aircloak Analytics frees up user data, enabling new use cases and ways to monetize. [Video]
  • Intelliment Security ( Intelliment Security revolutionizes the management of network security policies. The company’s software offers a unified interface for managing firewall security policies with a unified interface that is independent from vendor and network technology. [Video]
  • CoroNet ( Coronet detects and evades eavesdropping, interception and manipulation on WiFi and Cellular networks, making devices indivisible to attackers. The CoroNet product includes a client that is installed on the wireless endpoint to autonomously counter attacks on the communication layers, and a server side application. [Video]
  • Sensewaves ( Sensewaves provides a cloud deployed, distributed, scalable platform providing energy utilities and industrial IoT platforms with time series analytics on the fly and impactful insights on the connected assets. [Video]
  • Wittos ( The Wittos Smarter WiFi Hotpot is an on-premise software solution that sits on top of the WiFi network of a local space. The solution enables local spaces to heighten the customer experience to generate greater loyalty and sales. [Video]

Read our press release for more information and check back soon for updates.

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