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The startups participating in Cisco EIR in Vienna took a trip to London last month to meet with Cisco executives, partners, investors and others in the UK startup scene. Below is a recap of the week’s activities by Amy Lai, founder of Wittos, a UK-based startup participating in Cisco EIR in Europe.

It’s the end of month two and the first phase of Cisco EIR program in Vienna. After the charm of Vienna and endless blue skies of San Jose, California, it was going to have to take the energy of a big metropolis to win over the Pan-European cohort.

Our EIR week in London was filled with meetings across the city from IDEALondon to the The City, Bedfont Lakes and down to London Bridge. Like the diversity of tastes that can be found in London, so too were our sessions with the Cisco EMEA leadership and regional sales organization. In common was the candid openness to share thoughts about the state of the future and where Cisco is headed. Importantly, the dialogue was two-way and we had some frank and very encouraging discussions about what that future looks like, especially around what the role of innovators and new types of partnerships that will evolve.

It’s been a fast moving couple of months. The Cisco EIR program brought together some very talented entrepreneurs from five dynamic cities across Europe. Through new bonds, our network has instantly expanded and with each monthly city visit – guided by a Cisco EIR team who actually treaded the entrepreneurial path – we’re growing our global exposure and reach.

As our world broadens and our sights are set higher we’re also lucky to count several Cisco mentors in our extended team. So far we’ve been put through our paces on how to appeal to big enterprises, seek out practical use cases, and receive tailored guidance to hook into the momentum and operating cycles of the business units.

We’ve already gained some memorable experiences so far. The commitment from the program to help us develop deeper collaboration and joint outcomes has been exceptional. In addition, there are many new folk who now share our ambitions and are taking time to help us validate our offering. We’re optimistic about what the next phases will bring.


Check out photos from Cisco EIR’s week in London!

Posted by Cisco Entrepreneurs in Residence on Monday, November 2, 2015


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Amy Lai
Amy is the founder of Wittos, one of the startups participating in Cisco EIR in Vienna., Wittos is rethinking the way local spaces engage with connected customers. The Smarter WiFi Hotspot integrates advanced mobile analytics with a wireless network allowing one to understand the online and physical journey of the connected customer and then to serve more relevant content to enhance the customer's in-venue experience in real time.
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