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The Cisco EIR Startups travelled to Paris last week to meet with teams at Cisco France as well as engage with local partners, customers and others in the French ecosystem. Here is a quick summary of the three-day trip by Sophie Papachristopoulos, VP of Marketing at Sensewaves, a Big Data/Analytics startup participating in Cisco EIR in Europe.

After Vienna, San Jose and London, it was Paris’ turn to welcome the Cisco EIR startups. The week in Paris marks the completion of the first half of the program. Our three months in Cisco EIR has brought all of the startup teams closer as we share in the hard work and good times together. As a Paris-based startup, the Sensewaves team had the opportunity help host our fellow cohort members Aircloak, CoroNet, Intelliment Security and Wittos during the trip.

Our week kicked off Tuesday with opportunities to pitch, answer questions and set follow-up meetings with key Cisco teams in Paris.

The following day, we visited Numa, a co-working space in the center of Paris. We also had another pitch session in front of several Cisco partner companies. After the pitches, a networking session gave us all a chance for introductions and deeper discussions.

For dinner, we all enjoyed each other’s company as we discussed our progress in Cisco EIR while drinking French wine and tasting French “gastronomie.”

For the third and final day, we all returned to Cisco Paris to present our architectures and speak with Cisco sales managers about potential next steps. We finished our day with a demo from Wittos at the SAP offices.

The Cisco EIR days in Paris were very enriching with good meetings, presentations, and discussions. This was especially true for Sensewaves, as we were able to connect with the right Cisco teams in France and began talks with local companies interested in our technology.

The Cisco EIR team and participating mentors have helped all of us find the right connections within Cisco, expand our networks, initiate Proof of Concept projects and gain global exposure.

All of us are looking forward for the next Cisco EIR trip to Tel-Aviv—bringing us a step closer to our final demo day at CiscoLive! Berlin.

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About the Author

Sophie Papachristopoulos
Sophie Papachristopoulos is VP Marketing at Sensewaves, a time series analytics web service for the internet of things. We make connected assets smarter, by transforming raw data to meaningful information. Through our platform Sweave, we provide energy utilities and industrial IoT platforms with easily deployable, adaptive and accurate sensor data analysis on the fly, allowing them to take better decisions during mission critical operations and to improve their internal processes.
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