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Three-and-a-half years ago, Cisco EIR started as an idea on how Cisco could better co-innovate with the startup ecosystem. Since then, Cisco’s first corporate venturing program has come a long way.  In this new blog post, Tom Yoritaka, Cisco EIR’s Global Managing Director, shares his thoughts about the program, the recent demo day, the extension of the program into Europe and the latest startups joining the Cisco EIR family in Silicon Valley and London.


While we continue to build on a track record of success in Silicon Valley, we know we cannot always assume all of the disruptive technologies will come from the region alone. Quite the contrary. Innovation ecosystems outside Silicon Valley are incubating a whole new generation of startups/scaleups with a unique regional and/or technology focus. One such ecosystem is London and the UK, which has led the region’s startup innovation, investment and exits in recent years with unique strengths in fintech, AI/deep learning and blockchain technologies. That’s why I am so excited to announce London as our next “regional hub” of Cisco EIR.

I am pleased to welcome three startups/scaleups to our inaugural Cisco EIR London cohort:


Read more from Tom Yoritaka’s blog post featured on Cisco Blogs.

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