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Sensewaves brings time-series analytics to the Internet of Things in a big way with the integration of connected and self-learning machines. How? Their technology, Sweave, transforms raw sensor data using sound-wave technology into meaningful information that create solutions for predictive, behavioral, context and trend analysis for energy, environmental and life cycle management applications.

We met with Fivos Maniatakos, CEO and co-founder of Sensewaves, to learn more about this exciting Paris-based startup company.

What do you hope to accomplish during the Cisco EIR program?

Fivos: Sensewaves, a data-in-motion company, transforms raw industrial data into usable insights. Our participation in the EIR program is a wonderful opportunity to foster synergies inside Cisco’s inspiring ecosystem and work towards solutions that will disrupt the Internet of Everything market.

What is the story behind Sensewaves?

Fivos: I co-founded Sensewaves  in February 2015 along with Tommaso Bianco and  Côme Maestracci. Our vision behind Sensewaves is revolutionizing sensor data analysis by inventing holistic algorithms that transform raw sensor data into something logical. During our 10 years of experience at IRCAM, the leading institute in sound research, we created sophisticated sound analysis algorithms that could understand the data of the Internet of Everything. After two years of intensive development, we came up with the Sweave web platform that deploys our sound analysis inspired algorithms to deal with real-time sensor data analytics.

What makes your technology unique?

Fivos: Sweave offers several unique features based on algorithms for sound analysis and for musical AI agents.

First, the system learns on its own by adapting to new conditions automatically and directly from streamed data while progressively augmenting its accuracy. This way, there is no loss of analysis precision with sudden changes of context or analysis parameters.

Second, Sweave provides optimal real-time performance no matter how large the data stream may be. Our unique technology allows for an incremental learning process that will update with the latest information, accounting for every event without loss in generalization. In parallel, all complex analysis queries, regardless of data age, occur in subsecond time.

Third, Sweave is the “Swiss army knife” of analytics. Not only does the technology accomplish predictive analysis or anomaly detection, it is an all-in-one solution for different analysis operations: predictive, prescriptive, profile, trend and root-cause analysis—all in real time.

Finally, Sweave enables optimal decision making through transparent “white box” (as opposed to “black box”) analytics for mission critical applications. Sweave keeps all intermediate steps of the model transparent and provides justification behind the results to provide human operators with the tools to evaluate the computer’s logic. This joint computer/human logic interaction paradigm ensures that optimal decisions are taken for each mission critical application.

Any advice for young entrepreneurs?

Fivos: Vision, passion and hard work. Seek them—ideally in this order—and if your project misses one of the three, then re-evaluate. Also, don’t give up. Work like an adult but dream like a child.

Fun fact about your start-up

Fivos: A story about our name, Sensewaves. It reflects two major elements of our business: sensor data and soundwaves technology. We have been approached to sell our domain name to companies in the toothpaste manufacturing business and interesting enough, the adult entertainment industry. We ended up not selling our name; but if they ever need our analytics—and depending on the application—we might consider extending our services.


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Interview done by Julia Eschelbeck, Program Manager for Cisco EIR Vienna.

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