Latest from Cisco EIR: Redox Brings Innovation to Healthcare with Modern API Technology
Latest from Cisco EIR: Koriist and Cisco Harness the Power of IoT by leveraging the Internet of Already-There Things

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Startup Nervana

The team at Nervana aren’t the only ones using critical thinking to solve problems. Read how Nervana took the idea of science fiction and turned it into a reality.

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The startup community in London is a vibrant one. New technologies which are set to positively impact almost every facet of society are being developed every day. Legal teams like Wiggin’s are an important part of the ecosystem, helping entrepreneurs and start-ups to set the foundations to scale and be successful.

As a corporate partner at Wiggin LLP in the UK, I have witnessed firsthand the extraordinary development of London’s very active technology scene for startups and high-growth enterprises.

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We have all heard about the immense value of the data that the billions of connected devices comprising the Internet of Things (IoT) transmit when they “talk” to one another. What about all the existing equipment that can’t talk to the Internet of New Things? How can businesses and government agencies tap into that same value for the networks and devices they’ve already bought and installed?

This is the question that drove Chad Trytten to co-found Koriist,

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MammothDB became a trendsetter as part of the first cohort in Cisco EIR Europe but it wasn’t without some initial concern. Read how Cisco EIR gave this European startup the chance to collaborate with Cisco and be a part of something great.

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