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We were thrilled to announce the six startups that will be joining Cisco EIR Europe at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna on October 29th.

Over 350 applicants from 39 countries from throughout the EMEAR region (Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Russia) applied to join Cisco EIR Europe, with 15 finalists pitching live at the Pioneers Festival in front of Cisco experts and our local European partners.

The winning teams:

Dataiku (France): Creator of  a software workspace for business analysts and data scientists called Data Science Studio (DSS) that aggregates everything needed to get from raw data to production-ready applications.

Flatout (Austria): Provider of affordable and easy-to-use “Smart Home as a Service” solutions to businesses interested in entering the connected living market.

Graphmasters (Germany): Maker of the Nunav navigation app that uses the power of the Cloud to reduce traffic jams by providing centralized routing decisions and precise, personalized driving instructions.

ICE Gateway (Germany): Developer of an outdoor wireless infrastructure that serves as a communication platform for Smart City applications, including parking, lighting, location-based services and more.

MammothDB (Bulgaria): Creator of an inexpensive and enterprise-ready alternative to traditional data warehousing and business analytics solutions that leverages the power of Hadoop while maintaining the benefits of SQL.

Mentat Innovations (Greece, UK): Provider of machine learning and data analytics technology with immediate applicability in areas including cybersecurity, defense and intelligence, retail, Web analytics and healthcare.

The six companies will enter Cisco EIR Europe in January 2015 and collaborate closely with Cisco product and technology teams to discover and nurture the next generation of disruptive ideas for our industry and for Cisco in the areas of Smart Cities, Internet of Everything (IoE)/cloud and Big Data/analytics.

Photos from the Pioneers Festival are here.

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