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The Pioneers Festival in October was an energizing platform to announce the first startups selected to join Cisco EIR in Europe. More than 350 applicants from 46 countries applied with 15 finalists pitching live at the Pioneers Festival.

Watch the video below for a behind-the-scenes look at the Cisco Innovation Challenge with Pioneers.

Here is a preview Q&A for the five startups that will be joining Cisco EIR Europe:

Graphmasters (Germany)

GraphmastersGraphmasters uses Cloud-based routing to reduce traffic jams by providing centralized routing decisions and precise, personalized driving instructions.

What makes Graphmasters’ technology different? “Graphmasters is the only navigational routing solution that actively cuts down traffic jams. We provide individual routes for every single user, so that all vehicles are ideally distributed throughout the whole road network. Other routing applications worsen traffic congestion with an increasing number of users, while our technology makes it better.”

What was it like pitching at Pioneers Festival?
“Pitching at the Pioneers festival was an once-in-a-lifetime experience! The Cisco EIR selection process was great and the Cisco team was very friendly and provided useful feedback.”

Mentat Innovations (UK/Greece)

Mentat Innovations
Mentat Innovations provides machine learning and data analytics technology with immediate applicability in areas including cybersecurity, defense and intelligence, retail, web analytics and healthcare.

What is Mentat Innovations’ focus? “Mentat Innovations is building the future of data analytics. Our technology analyses data in motion at scale using cutting edge streaming machine learning algorithms. We extract actionable insights from structured and unstructured data in real time and provide computational intelligence that seamlessly complements the human decision making process. ”

On joining Cisco EIR: “We are super excited to be joining the inaugural European Cisco EIR program. We feel this is a great opportunity to work closely with Cisco and we look forward to spending time in beautiful Vienna.”

Flatout (Austria)

Flatout offers affordable and easy-to-use “Smart Home as a Service” solutions to businesses interested in entering the connected living market.

More about Flatout: “Flatout provides tailor-made, white-labeled, end-to-end smart home solutions to businesses interested in entering the connected living market. This vision became reality thanks to our amazing team of 14 individuals who are now looking forward to the great opportunities that the Cisco EIR program will open up.”

On the Pioneers Festival experience: “It was a tough, but exciting challenge to become one of the 15 finalists. It really felt like being part of a special group of startups, because the final pitches quietly took place next to the grandiose Pioneers Challenge.”

ICE Gateway (Germany)

ICE Gateway
ICE Gateway is developing an outdoor wireless infrastructure that serves as a communication platform for Smart City applications, including parking, lighting, location-based services and more.

How does Ice Gateway’s solution work? “ICE Gateway offers outdoor wireless ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ (laaS) for smart cities and the IoT sector. This end-to-end solution includes our intelligent gateways, high bandwidth M2M networks and central servers plus cloud based portals. The ICE Gateway IaaS can be combined with DC components such as LED lights and sensors – or can communicate peer-to-peer (gateway to device) with smart phones and other smart devices through integrated Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth (including iBeacons).”

On the Pioneers Festival experience:
“Pioneers Festival was a great opportunity to get feedback on what we do and also to get real support to communicate it much better. I learned a lot and met very innovative, experienced and open-minded entrepreneurs. The opportunity with Cisco is a perfect match to what we do, which is based on wireless systems and large scale infrastructure.”

MammothDB (Bulgaria)

MammothDBMammothDB has an inexpensive and enterprise-ready alternative to traditional data warehousing and business analytics solutions that leverages the power of Hadoop while maintaining the benefits of SQL.

What makes the MammothDB solution special?“We replace expensive analytics databases, freeing up both budget and resources. Gartner estimates that 90% of the business market can’t implement enterprise analytics due to cost and resource constraints. MammothDB solves this – we’re an inexpensive, industry-standards-compliant, fast, and massively parallel database that is designed to serve as the data warehouse backbone for enterprise business analytics.”

On joining Cisco EIR: “As part of the EIR program, we are looking to explore and form partnerships with Cisco and other companies in building business intelligences and analytic verticals in industries such as telecom, network operation management, network security and the public sector. One of the ambitions of MammothDB is to expand its SaaS offering in specialized database and business intelligence as a service. We see an opportunity to work together with Cisco on offering “Infrastructure as a Service” and other cloud-based solutions.”

Cisco EIR welcomes the six winning companies into the program. Our team is looking forward to collaborating with you in Vienna in January 2015!

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